problem with starting xorg after upgrade

NAKAJI Hiroyuki nakaji at
Thu Jan 5 09:32:17 PST 2006

>>>>> In <200601051701.43891.dejan.lesjak at> 
>>>>>	Dejan Lesjak <dejan.lesjak at> wrote:

> > Is it ok to send PR that "X kills my system, I cannot get any more
> > information"?

> Well... Without more information it will probably just stay there
> and you would get a periodic "Is this still a problem with recent
> release of X.Org/FreeBSD".

Of cource, I know it. So, I cannot send PR.

> Are there any messages about the problem in /var/log/messages? Did
> you try to break to debugger at the time system froze?

Unfortunately, I cannot do any operation when system froze.
CTRL-ALT-ESC has no effect, and sending break signal from serial
console ditto.

When system froze, the keyboard connected to the pc98 is useless, in
other word, offline. No LEDs turn on or off when pressing CAPS or
KANA. So, CTRL-ALT-ESC is meaningless. And, on serial console which is
cu on the next FreeBSD/i386 5.4-STABLE, pressing "~#" gets no response.

In addition, there are no messages about the problem in

What I can know is "system freezes". This is very difficult to solve
or report.

But I have the luck that X still works fine if I run it ONCE.

OK, I'll try to press CTRL-ALT-ESC just before the system freezes next
time. If possible.

> > Oh, I recognized only one thing. /tmp/.X11-unix and /tmp/.XIM-unix
> > are created just before system hangup, but /var/log/Xorg.0.log is
> > not updated.

> The directories should be there even since system startup. Is 
> your /etc/rc.d/cleartmp up to date? That is probably unrelated though.

Because I removed them before system freeze. I agree that is unrelated
to the problem.
NAKAJI Hiroyuki

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