Firefox, Mozilla light-blue where body should be?

Chris Shenton chris at
Mon Feb 20 12:14:43 PST 2006

FreeBSD-6.1-PRERELEASE, Xorg 8.9.0, ATI Technologies Inc RV370 5B60
[Radeon X300 (PCIE) with "radeon" driver, but "dri" is NOT loaded (see
previous message on this list: it hangs FreeBSD hard). 

If I run Mozilla and have a window partially in front of it, then move
the occluding window, it leaves behind a light blue empty area in the
Mozilla window; if I mouse into Mozilla it repaints.  Annoying but

I fired up Firefox to see if it had the same behavior.  When it
started up, it wall all that same light blue, with a couple buttons or
bars painted properly. Mousing around in the window caused it to paint
then blue-out other buttons and such. Resizing got it to redraw itself
and fill in all the blue areas.  If I go to another page (e.g.,, it starts to paint the window with the right stuff,
then most of it turns that same blue, then it fills it in with the
proper site graphics.  Weird.

In both there seem to be some areas that still have that light blue
filling, like bits next to sliders and other controls, or where an
blocked advertisement wants to go. 

I'm not seeing it in Emacs' X11 window nor in Xterms.

Anyone else noticing this? Any ideas how to fix it? 


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