BIG BIG problem with Xorg and... something else...

J. Buck Caldwell freebsd at
Tue Feb 7 17:41:45 PST 2006

g at wrote:
> Hi all,
>    First don't blame me for cross-posting on stable and x11 lists but both seem
> relevant for my problem.
>    I'm tracking 6-STABLE. Since one week, I can't use my computer under FreeBSD.
> The boot is OK, xdm screen is OK. But if I launch a KDE session, I've some color
> problems during initializing session, then X freezes (before end of loading !!!)
> and the only way is to poweroff the computer !!! No ssh, no way to CTRL-ALT F1
> switching to a console screen, the box is down... 
I seem to recall something similar being posted recently, having more to 
do with the X.ORG 6.9 upgrade than anything else. You might try doing a 
'portupgrade -af' to rebuild everything against the new libraries.

Couldn't hurt, anyway.

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