xorg7 and startup

Gergely CZUCZY phoemix at harmless.hu
Fri Dec 22 18:06:50 PST 2006


after creating a fonts.alias i was able to, well,
initiate the startup of X.

however, as i figured out.
if i start it with "startx", it can be started, sometimes.
if i put any "&"s into my .xinitrc (to background processes,
as xinit(1) suggests), then it crashes.
if i don't, i starts up. if i put any  backgroundings into
my fluxbox's startup file, it also crashes.

doesn't matter how do i start it with xdm, it always crashes
after the authentication's been successfull. the interesting
point is, it does not even touch my ~/.xsession file (atime remains).

when i say "crashes" thats the most exact description i can
give, because absolutely no logs are generated. Xorg.0.log
shows a standard shutdown, no errors, no nothing. just
the very same with xdm, if i tell xdm to log into /var/log/xdm.log
it does not do it, the log file won't even be created.
hwoever, i had found an xdm.core instead of the log file,
it can be accessed at this link:

where should i start looking at what's wrong with this?
or am i doing something that wrong? i thought trying xorg7
will be a bit simpler, but now i really understand why
haven't it hit the ports collection ...

looking forward for answers,


Gergely Czuczy
mailto: gergely.czuczy at harmless.hu

Weenies test. Geniuses solve problems that arise.
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