pkgdb vs modular xorg

Adam K Kirchhoff adamk at
Mon Dec 11 11:07:50 PST 2006

Russell Jackson wrote:
> Has anyone else experienced greatly increased package registration times
> since moving to the modular tree? I'm thinking the algorithm for
> calculating dependancies may need to be improved unless there's just
> something wrong with my pkgdb.

Actually, I've noticed it as well, but wasn't 100% sure what was going 
on.  I currently have FreeBSD installed on three machines and just 
installed them several weeks ago, immediately installing ports from the 
modular tree, so I wasn't sure if it was related to using the modular 
ports tree or another change in the ports/package system since the last 
time I used FreeBSD on these systems.  I've had FreeBSD installed on two 
of the machines previously and never had registration times this long 
(for example, it took over twenty minutes to install kaffeine on a dual 
core 3.2 gig Xeon system).


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