After doing make index in git ports tree, duplicate entry on CURRENT

Scott Robbins scottro at
Thu Dec 7 18:28:43 PST 2006

I had mentioned problems with various port managing tools after
upgrading and using the git ports tree.  It was suggested that I do make
index in the git tree.

This worked perfectly on a 6.2-PRE-RELEASE.  However, on CURRENT, I'm
getting two Warning: Duplicate INDEX entry.  One for
freeciv-gtk-2-2.0.8_2 and the other for mod_rpaf-ap2-0.5.

It's quite possible with the various playing around that I've done that
this something I did incorrectly.  However, googling indicates that the
problem might be with the tree.

Does anyone have any suggestions?   I'm not quite sure what else might
have caused the problem, and googling hasn't given me any solutions.

Thank you for any help.


Scott Robbins

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