X troubles (possibly radeon related)

Scott T. Hildreth shildret at fbsd1.dyndns.org
Wed Apr 12 23:33:09 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-04-12 at 12:58 -0700, Neil Short wrote:
> > Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 10:51:54 -0500
> > From: "Scott T. Hildreth"
> ...
> > 
> >   My Ati R128 stopped working, so I am using the
> > onboard video.
> >   It needs the vesa driver, but I couldn't get
> > xorgcfg to work, 
> >   so I added a mode line to the xorg.conf, and then
> > xorg worked.
> > 
> >   
> > > 
> > > ~Jason
> Did your mode line permit vesa to drive a 1280x800 LCD
> screen?

  Yes I did.  I was wrong, I didn't set the ModeLine, I set the Modes 
  to "1280x1024" in the Display sections.  Then when I started xfce4
  if would come up right.  Before it would start then xorg would crash.
  I think it was probing for higher resolutions and by limiting it I 
  was able to get xfce4 to start up.  

  Speaking of ModeLines, I have to find one now.  I came home and my 
  Proview LCD was caputz.  I called them, they will warranty it.  But
  I have to ship it to California.  Now I'm hooking my old crt up, no 
  fun once you have used an LCD.

> How did you come up with the proper mode line?
> Vesa works on my box but at 1024x768 - and my monitor
> is 1280x800.
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