flickering picture on FP-monitor attached to Radeon's analog head

Mikhail Teterin mi+kde at aldan.algebra.com
Thu Jul 14 04:46:53 GMT 2005


I have to different setups where digital flat panels are attached to the
analog (secondary) outputs of differnet Radeon-based cards.

In both setups the selected resolution matches the monitor's native and
the timings are selected based on DDC data obtained from the monitors.
The monitors are from different makers (Dell, Planar).

In both setups, the monitor attached via a VGA cable is showing
distinctly worse picture, than its twin, that is attached to the DVI. It
is particularly noticable during the initial X startup (the waves go up
and down X's black-and-blue grid).

I know, DVI is supposed to be better than VGA, but not this much

Is there a trick, perhaps, some Option of the radeon driver? Thanks!


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