X11 device detection issue, Part II

ecomeasurement at comcast.net ecomeasurement at comcast.net
Wed Jan 19 12:20:57 PST 2005

Hi folks,

I've continued to work on the "no screen", "no devices detected" issue.  After looking at some additional archived user comments, I tried the following:

1.  Changing from "nv" to generic vga in the card selection list did not help; changing to generic vesa did at least get me a scrambled screen.

2.   Next, I played around with the color depth and monitor frequencies.  The first number refers to the menu selection number for the horizontal frequency, and the second for the vertical refresh rate frequency. Going to 16 color with 8,3 frequency selection yielded a partial AfterStep screen (the manager I chose at configuration time), but it was squashed into the top third of the physical screen, with tiny lettering. 

3.  So I lowered the vertical refresh rate, with frequency selection 8,2.  That made things worse --just a scrambled screen again. 

4.  So I went back to 3 for the vertical, and changed the horizontal:  4,3.  Nothing.

5.  8,4 did not work either.

6.  6,4: nil. 

I assume you get the picture.  I started with the best (#2, above), and then tried to tune things to get a satisfactory X-rendering of the desktop.  It didn't work.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.  I've considered trying to configure the chipset, but I don't know if that's the problem. 


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