X11 device detection issue

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Sun Jan 16 16:52:03 PST 2005


I've installed FreeBSD on my desktop, and it works fine. I'm trying to 
install XFree86, and the configuration and resulting log look fine, except 
for "No devices" detected, and "No screen".  I checked the  documentaion and 
FAQ's both here and on the XFree86 site, along with the archived bugs and 
letters, and couldn't find an answer. As I/O has not been established for 
the BSD machine, below I indicate the hardware and software, configuration 
used for the Config file, and the relevant results from the log file (the 
remainder of the log file indicated proper loading of everything else):

XFree86 V11, Revision 0, Rel 6.6
FreeBSD 4.10 i386

Intel Pentium II 266 MHZ/256MB RAM/4 MB Video Ram
Intel 440 Chipset
Dell M570 VGA Monitor
NVIDIA AGP Integrated Graphics Card
Chromatic MPACT DVD/Display Controller

I used the scripted configuration facility in sysinstall, and then verified 
the contents of the Config file:

NVIDIA generic card chosen (suitable for AGP cards), "nv"
Monitor cycling set to the industry standards given by explicitly 
downloading specs, and also verifying manually via the CRT:
HorizSync: 31.5-82
VertRefresh 40-150
Generic VGA
Default Depth 24

When running, I get the errors:
"(EE) No devices detected"
"Fatal server error: no screens found",
followed by a breaking of the X connection and two copies of the following:
"xauth: (argv):1: bad display name ":0" in "remove" command" --probably due 
to X crashing

Now, in the log file, the NV driver is loaded, with the following final 
"(EE) No devices detected"
"Fatal server error: no screens found"
There are no other errors or warnings in the log file, except for an 
unavailable font that was skipped.

Any help would be appreciated.


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