Alexey Popov llp at iteranet.com
Wed Dec 21 01:23:19 PST 2005


Gianmarco Giovannelli wrote:
>  >>>>>> > error: [drm:pid0:drm_load] *ERROR* Card isn't AGP, or couldn't
>  >>>> i915 DRM is not fully supported in -stable. You may try 7-current or
>  >>>> this hack: .
>  >>> I have applied the patch et voila' :-)
>  >>> drmsub0: <Intel i915GM>: (child of agp_i810.c) on agp0
>  >>> info: [drm] AGP at 0xb0080000 0MB
>  >>> info: [drm] Initialized i915 1.2.0 20041217
>  >>> hp:/home/gmarco> glxgears
>  >>> ERROR: line 125, Function intelInitDriver, File intel_screen.c
>  >> Works for me with graphics/dri-devel and x11-server/xorg-server
>  >The combination of graphics/dri-devel and x11-servers/xorg-server is not
>  >suitable for i915gm. This chip is only supported by
>  >x11-servers/xorg-server-snap. However it does not work well with either
>  >graphics/dri-devel or dri from cvs (as of today).
> Infact I have tried all the combinations me too, but I found that plain 
> xorg 6.8.2 doesn't work after the patch (it seems to remember it used to 
> work before, but I can be wrong) and with the latest snapshot (903) the 
> latest dri produces the error  above resulting slover than before the 
> patch.
Is there any diagnostics on how plain xorg doesn't work?

Personally I just made patch for successfully initializing i915.ko. I 
think, freebsd-x11 is better list for this thread. May be Eric can 
say something?

With best regards,
Alexey Popov

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