fonts.alias part of xorg-server installation?

Christopher Chin cchin at ack.Berkeley.EDU
Fri Aug 26 18:04:51 GMT 2005


Starting from scrtach because of a dead hard drive, and I 
just installed 6.8.2 (running FreeBSD 5.4-rel, I used 
portinstall to add xorg-server-6.8.2_3).

I can't start the server b/c of the popular "could not
open default font 'fixed'".

I understand that my fonts/misc/fonts.alias is missing
but I'd like to know if it's part of the release, or if
I'm *supposed* to add this by hand?  I hate hacking this
early in the revival process.

I figured it should be part of the release, and even
just reinstalled ('portupgrade -R -f xorg-server')
but still no fonts.alias file....

Is there another port/package I should be adding?

  - Christopher


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