X11 / XFree86 Installation

John E Hein jhein at timing.com
Mon Aug 8 02:26:25 GMT 2005

Teo De Las Heras wrote at 21:49 -0400 on Aug  7, 2005:
 > O.K. I'm now in the process of installing Xorg from the ports that are
 > included in FreeBSD 5.3.  About half way through I am getting a
 > message that libXft-2.1.6.tar.gz is not available.  I have tried to
 > download it to the distfiles directory from various FTP site the when
 > I run make I get checksum errors.

On Feb 19, according to the CVS history, the libXft port started using
libXft-2.1.6.tar.bz2 (not .gz).  So a newer ports tree than the one
with 5.3 will look for the .bz2 file, and most distribution sites
won't have the .gz now.  In fact, many won't have the 2.1.6 .bz2 file
either since the port was updated to 2.1.7 on July 14.

I just happen to have an old 2.1.6 .gz lying around.  FYI, the MD5's
for both .bz2 & .gz are:

MD5 (libXft-2.1.6.tar.bz2) = ba10c9c3f4758f304f04f8d48e2f81a4
MD5 (libXft-2.1.6.tar.gz) = 1ba6d9b1aec9a237b508663c46d8a979

That said, you probably want to grab the latest ports tree.

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