[kde-freebsd] X related scripts in Xclients ports

Michael Nottebrock michaelnottebrock at gmx.net
Mon Nov 15 05:27:38 PST 2004

Andy Fawcett wrote:

>>Will you be providing all the user support for this stuff?  Will
>>running kdm the normal way still be supported?  How is doing this
>>easier than changing one simple line in ttys?
> I'm in complete agreement with Lauri on this one. I fail to see where 
> the improvement is, and if anything it makes things worse because of 
> For me, I don't want to see such a change.

I think it would be wise to first take a look (and a testdrive) of Jose's work 
before roundabout dismissing it.

As the author of the kdm-stuff in the current kdebase port, I'm aware of the 
flaws it has and how support-intensive it has been - Jose's doing work on this 
in order to _work_ with this, so the support-question is indeed interesting 
here. Also, gdm has been launched from an rc-script for quite some time now, 
hence the POLA question isn't so clear cut - and depending on how Jose's 
implementation actually looks like, users might never have to 'upgrade' to the 
rc-script way if they choose not to.

So, please, let's be open-minded here (it's kind of weird that I of all people 
have to write this, since I've been the ever-sceptic about this whole topic 

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