blue term color in xorg (was: Re: HEADSUP: X.Org conversion)

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Sun Jul 25 11:45:50 PDT 2004

Thomas Dickey wrote:
>> Ah, I see.  X11 is still being developed by people who either cannot manage 
>> to answer a simple question with a simple answer, or choose not to.
> ...and answering questions from similar people.

If you took my comments personally, I apologize.  Someone else just mailed me 
to say that they thought I wasn't being helpful, and I will repeat my reply 
here (the reply has nothing private in it):

I believe I understand both your point and your perspective.  It is not my 
intent to criticise the hard work people like you, Eric Anholt, Thomas Dickey, 
or others do.

It is my intent to criticise X11, for a number of reasons.  X11 is needlessly 
complex, has terrible usability from the end-user's perspective (normal people 
find the configuration, font selection, and so forth to be incomprehensible), 
for having poor documentation, and for a number of more technical reasons.

X11 could benefit from criticism.  To some extent, criticizing X11 means 
criticizing the work people have done on X11.  Some-- perhaps even most-- of 
the significant problems I see with X11 have to do with the mindset of 
"needlessly complex answers to simple questions".

Why did Apple choose not to use X11 as the window system for MacOS X?


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