CGI Style conversion

Bill Fenner fenner at
Tue Oct 18 14:41:16 PDT 2005

>actually, some of the pages has very small fonts, check
>query-pr-summary.cgi for example (I was viewing it in opera 8.5)

Sigh.  This is an artifact of a workaround that I added for
cvsweb and other non-xhtml users, which is to copy the
body {...} css for th,td since in HTML Transitional mode, the
IE quirk that body css doesn't get inherited by tables gets
applied.  Since I added that I didn't go back and check the
XHTML pages to see how it affected them.

I guess cgi-style needs an argument to say whether it's
generating xhtml or 4.01-transitional, and generate the
quirk workarounds only in 4.01-transitional mode.  That
makes things ... depressing.


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