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Simon L. Nielsen simon at
Thu Oct 6 08:06:32 PDT 2005

[Redirected to -www since that's where stuff about the web page should
be discussed, not -stable]

On 2005.10.06 21:17:50 +1000, Peter Jeremy wrote:

> I'd suggest that the most important feature that is missing is a
> website map.  The website looks nothing like it used to and many of my
> commonly referenced links are no longer on the home page.  Finding my
> way around is going to be very time consuming until I learn my way
> around it.

That sounds like a good idea.  We have but it's in need of an
update, and probably some place more visible to be linked from.

> On the positive side, I'm glad that it's still usable with a text
> browser.

IMO actually even more than before.

> On the downside, I notice it now uses cookies.

AFAIR (I haven't double checked) it uses a cookie to remember if you
choose normal or large font - it's not required.

Simon L. Nielsen
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