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Tue Nov 8 10:48:15 PST 2005

   From an article on - "Burn-on-demand" for small
   "Burn-on-demand" for small  developers.  
   A new service at takes a page from the print-on-demand 
   publishers like [2]www.lulu   countries.  
   Say you're an amateur or open-source developer, or you're working on
   a  skunk  
   works project with no budget. Or maybe you've got an older version
   that's   longer supported, but you get an occasional request for  it.  
   In any case, you've got software to distribute, but you don't want
   the  hassle  
   of shipping CDs. And you don't have the spare bandwidth to start 
   Just sign up with and set your own price for your
   software.  Then  
   direct any customers to the website, and the company
   will  take  
   care of all the messy details of collecting money, burning CDs, and 
   them around the  world.  
   In return, they keep a base charge for each disc. You can distribute
   up to   Megs of software on CD for a base price of only $3.99 plus 10
   percent  of  
   whatever you charge beyond the base. For example, if you charge $20,
   you  get  
   There's a complete price chart on their  website.  
   The company pays out whenever you accumulate $250. There's no minimum
   run   discs, and no set-up charge to start an account. That sounds like a 
   deal to  us.  
   The new site is a spin-off of Karlie Robinson's web development
   firm,  Webpath  
   "It's really no frills," she says. "At these prices, it's no   cost-effective  
   for us to do a box, or any sort of user manual. But we can print a 
   And she prides herself on the high-quality discs she cranks out on
   her  13-bay
   "Burn-Monster" machine running  FreeBSD.
   The site's growing catalog features software like GIMP (GNU Image 
   Program), OpenOffice, and Netscape. Beyond software, there are DVDs
   of  some  
   classic Popeye and Superman cartoons in the public domain. The
   price:  less  
   than $4 each.   


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   2. 3D""

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