Removing and replacing with FreshPorts

Simon L. Nielsen simon at
Sun Nov 7 11:10:54 PST 2004


On the FreeBSD website we have the ports pages at which are inferior in most ways to
FreshPorts [1], so I would propose that we retire the FreeBSD ports
web pages and just direct people at FreshPorts instead.  Does anybody
have any strong objections to this?

If this is going to be done I plan to put dummy redirect web pages on to replace the current category pages
there so there shouldn't be problems with deads links there.

The FreeBSD documentation uses for
port references, so that would not be directly affected but would be
changed to redirect to the appropriate port at the FreshPorts sites.

BTW. I have asked Dan Langille and he's OK with the idea.


Simon L. Nielsen
FreeBSD Documentation Team
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