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The second edition of the french book "Cahier de l'admin BSD" has been

Like the first edition, the book is about Unix system administration
with BSD. It is aimed at readers that know about computers, but not
nescessarily about UNIX. It covers UNIX basics, BSD installation,
various system administration tasks, TCP/IP networking, firewalls
setups, package systems, "classic" services such as web, DNS and
Internet mail, and disaster management.

The primary focus of the book is of course BSD, but whenever it is
possible, it tries to give the reader a broader view of how things works
on other UNIX systems (e.g. : System V and Linux, sometime MacOS X). The
idea is to give the reader a strong BSD knowledge, but also a good UNIX

Second edition includes additions about X server setup with XFree86,
printer manaagement (including content filters), VPN setups, and more
about anti-virus and anti-spam filering techniques.

The book outline:
1. UNIX and BSD
2. Where to use BSD
3. UNIX basics
4. BSD installation
5. UNIX system startup
6. User, groups and security
7. Configuring a Unix workstation
8. Basic Unix services
9. Network basics for the impatient
10. BSD as a firewall
11. Third party software and package systems
12. Classic services : web, DNS and Internet mail
13. Disaster management

ISBN: 2-212-11463-X

More information about the book, including two chapters downloads (PDF)
is available from the publisher's web site:

There is no plan yet for a translation in a language other than french.
Don't hesistate to contact me if you know a publisher interested into
making a translation of the book.

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