About FreeBSD Documentation Library (OFDL) Project

Alexey Zelkin phantom at FreeBSD.org.ua
Fri Jun 13 00:05:05 PDT 2003

Dear Oleg,

[Please consider this reply as replu to *EXACTLY THIS* letter and my
personal opinion, since neither me nor anybody on this list are expresed
to prvoide any official reaction on behalf of FreeBSD Project]

> Each of us has a lot of problem in this real life and bad mood today or
> always! But this is not the case to insult.

You forgot to add 'hopefully' at the end of sentence.

> According the common rule, I asked you about your promises (very polite). I
> was "be patient" more then 2 weeks.

Making impolite followups to "very polite" requests is not way to go, IMHO.
> I know this is volunteer project, but if "Volunteer 1" promise "Volunteer 2"
> some action, what bad if "Volunteer 1" after ending waiting period ask
> "Volunteer 2" "When?"

Hmmm...  This makes me think that you never been involved to volunteer
project which specific is entirely different than you primary job.

> Why "Volunteer 2" stopped answer at all on all questions of the "Volunteer
> 1" without any explanation.

Maybe I'll say something new to you, but for most of volunteer developers
in the world - family and primary job usually have more priority than
volunteer projects.  I hope it's not required to describe why.

> This is strange! This is roughly in the any situation in the any community!

Unfortunatelly over years of involvement to FreeBSD and other open projects
I can't say that it's "strange".  It's A Real Life.

> Next:
> Open FreeBSD Documentation Library (OFDL) from Fultus v this is not only my
> (Oleg Vyushin) project: Fultus Corporation v one of the best and interesting
> publishing company is the main sponsor of this project. Fultus Corporation
> lets starts this project and pays for all.
> We are working hard EACH DAY (each day each of FreeBSD community members may
> see new features in this project-) and this is not 5 MINITS WORK for which I
> ask you!

Please stop discussing things which you did not do at all.  Sometimes it
depends on many unrelated issues.

I have been maintainer of Commercial Gallery for few years, until my time
available to this task lowered below zero seconds in month.  I have asked
someone to help and Ceri agreed to *help*.
> Well! Now not all depends from me, this is big project with the best future.
> Now I cannot hide our senseless correspondence with you from Fultus leaders.
> After reading all of this v letters with your continuing promises and
> especially your last boorish answer, President and founder of the Fultus
> Corporation John Parker sad, what he consider your reaction as official
> opinion and position of the top FreeBSD bureaucracy, which reject Fultus
> project.

As I said nobody except FreeBSD Core Team is liable to make *official*
statements.  Also I have to note that FreeBSD Project neither rejects nor
accepts any third party projects.  This choice is up to comunity, and if
you need to have immediate comunity reaction I'd suggest to post notice
about your service to well known FreeBSD related news sites, like
daily.daemonnews.org and www.bsdforums.org.

> In this case Fultus consider different variant of the announcement and
> popularization of the OFDL project with the public explanation of the Fultus
> position in this situation between members of FreeBSD community.

Word 'members' in this statement assuming that you are in trouble
with *few* members of FreeBSD community.  Is it true ?

> This is official position Fultus Corporation.

This desicion is up to your management.

PS: Since Ceri is not available now I can do a job and commit notes about
    your company's project, if you'll resend it to me a patches for our

PPS: BTW, I was not able to check out your's eLibrary's documents using
     FreeBSD and Mozilla.  It shows caption and start to reload (forever).

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