Round two of the front page structure changes...

Tom Rhodes trhodes at
Tue Dec 2 18:43:34 PST 2003

On Tue, 2 Dec 2003 18:30:09 -0800
Sean Chittenden <seanc at> wrote:

> > Since I'm still hammering out the 'look' of the front page with
> > everyone, could I ask that the first part of this diff wait for
> > a little while?  I do agree that commercial support is something
> > that needs more light shed on it, but every part of the site will
> > get equal attention.  :)
> Or simply incorporate it into your bits?  It wasn't what I'd call a
> substantive amount of work on my part.  :)

Actually, I thought I did that in my patch?  If I neglected it,
then i'll fix right away... :)

> > > The last thing that I think the commerical section is *desparately* in
> > > need of, is a list of vendors that provide long term, 24/7 support.
> > > It's non-obvious that there is a bunch of companies that provide that
> > > with our current setup and this is consistently one of the most
> > > important aspects of commercial support for people deciding to use
> > > FreeBSD.  I don't have an answer for this at this time, but think that
> > > it needs immediate attention before the 5.3 release (5.2's too close).
> > 
> > Hmmm, if I can keep my Cell phone pluged in over night beside my bed,
> > I see a way to make some quick cash...  :)
> If the money is flowing from a company to a person or to another
> company, and the recipient of the money was found through this
> resource, I'd say that's good news for FreeBSD.  :) That said, why not
> leave your cell phone on over night?  I think the criteria should be

Battery would drain (I need a new one).  :)

> having a website of some sort, which should keep the support area
> clean of people looking for a buck or two who aren't setup for long
> term support.  There's no substitute for due-diligence on the part of
> a company.

Good point.  I think that is the current criteria anyways, but I'm
not that familiar with the commercial gallery unfortunately...

> > > Anyway, /commercial/ needs a nice professional touch to it and to
> > > move away from some of the flashy, high-energy verbiage that's in
> > > there now to something more solid and grounded in its tone, but
> > > that's for another day.
> > 
> > The rest of your patch seems fine.  If you want to work over this
> > with patches being discussed on the list, feel free.
> I'll start with committing commercial.sgml for now and will put
> together the support section bits here in the next day or so and will
> post the patches on www at .  -sc

Just be sure you run changes through Ceri.  He's listed as the
Commercial gallery editor on the contributors page.

As for the support section bits, I have a few ideas that I would
gladly run by you if you want to hear them.  Thanks for the help with

Tom Rhodes

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