Round two of the front page structure changes...

Sean Chittenden seanc at
Tue Dec 2 18:31:24 PST 2003

> Since I'm still hammering out the 'look' of the front page with
> everyone, could I ask that the first part of this diff wait for
> a little while?  I do agree that commercial support is something
> that needs more light shed on it, but every part of the site will
> get equal attention.  :)

Or simply incorporate it into your bits?  It wasn't what I'd call a
substantive amount of work on my part.  :)

> > The last thing that I think the commerical section is *desparately* in
> > need of, is a list of vendors that provide long term, 24/7 support.
> > It's non-obvious that there is a bunch of companies that provide that
> > with our current setup and this is consistently one of the most
> > important aspects of commercial support for people deciding to use
> > FreeBSD.  I don't have an answer for this at this time, but think that
> > it needs immediate attention before the 5.3 release (5.2's too close).
> Hmmm, if I can keep my Cell phone pluged in over night beside my bed,
> I see a way to make some quick cash...  :)

If the money is flowing from a company to a person or to another
company, and the recipient of the money was found through this
resource, I'd say that's good news for FreeBSD.  :) That said, why not
leave your cell phone on over night?  I think the criteria should be
having a website of some sort, which should keep the support area
clean of people looking for a buck or two who aren't setup for long
term support.  There's no substitute for due-diligence on the part of
a company.

> > Anyway, /commercial/ needs a nice professional touch to it and to
> > move away from some of the flashy, high-energy verbiage that's in
> > there now to something more solid and grounded in its tone, but
> > that's for another day.
> The rest of your patch seems fine.  If you want to work over this
> with patches being discussed on the list, feel free.

I'll start with committing commercial.sgml for now and will put
together the support section bits here in the next day or so and will
post the patches on www at .  -sc

Sean Chittenden

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