Round two of the front page structure changes...

Christian Brueffer chris at
Tue Dec 2 15:31:46 PST 2003

On Tue, Dec 02, 2003 at 04:06:40PM -0500, Tom Rhodes wrote:
> Greetings yet again,
> Last night my brain just went in several different directions on
> how well this could turn out.  And yet, there is always that lingering
> thought of how bad this could end up if I'm not careful.  Taking a
> few comments on the list and off, as well as a few of my own ideas,
> i've crafted another patch.
> This patch is rough around the edges and not commit-ready, even
> though it does build.  My goal with this one was to throw out some
> ideas, sort of get the ball rolling.  So, honest opinions are very
> welcome here...  This patch will:
> o Break up the support area into two different types.  Multi-language
>   and English (since the site is in English anyway).  This will add
>   a link to the translated documents on the front page.  With this
>   I tried to be fair and place all the multi-language and english-only
>   options in two categories.  This may need another look-over.
> o Takes a stab at the Vendors area, without any modification.  The
>   vendors link(s) should probably go under our Software or 'Getting
>   FreeBSD' areas.  But this can be argued.
> o Adds the upcoming events link under a Community section.  It could
>   be argued that local user groups should go here in place of under
>   Support.  But a broader opinion on that would be nice...
> Comments please...  :)

I like it, but I think there are still way too many links in the

As you already notes, the 'Vendors' section actually belongs to the
'Software' section.  'Documentation' and 'Support' could be consolidated
into a 'Resources' section.

The 'Multi-language support' section is not needed, IMHO.  I think
people would expect documentation in a given language on the web
pages of that specific language,, for example.

Maybe we should put the links to language specific web pages in a more
prominent position (and list all available languages on the front page).

In general, we should unclutter the side bar.  IMHO, NetBSD and OpenBSD
have done a good job in this regard.  4 or 5 big subsections which
roughly categorize the links to subsection pages, which can contain all
the other stuff.

BTW, thanks for taking on this task, Tom :-)

- Christian

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