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Matthew Xiang matthew at
Sat Aug 2 23:50:29 PDT 2003

Hi, FreeBSD: 

I am a member of CNFUG(China FreeBSD User Group), I write this letter to hope our team can be listed in User Groups on's website, so that we can serve more FreeBSD fans . CNFUG is a freely organization, it is organized by a batch of faithful fan of FreeBSD. 

CNFUG for further popularizing FreeBSD in China, so has established the "FreeBSD Chinese technical journal", Publish on monthly. Since the journal is issued, it has been approved and liked by a lot of FreeBSD fans. You can browse the latest journal content from . We also published some FreeBSD book which writen in Chinese and launch some projects on FreeBSD. 

In order to make it convenient for FreeBSD user of China to discussion, we have opened Chinese FreeBSD forum(, IRC Chat( #CNFUG) and a maillist(cnfug at 

Our mail daemon can't send messages to domain, so I used this account(matthew at to send the letter for you, If you wanna reply, please mail to: matthew at or matthew at, Thanks.

Follow is some stuff on
CNFUG website:
Chinese FreeBSD Technical Journal:
CNFUG's Projects:
Chinese FreeBSD Forum:
CNFUG Maillist:
CNFUG Brief:
CNFUG Members:

Waiting for your news. 

matthew at 

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