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Simon L. Nielsen simon at
Mon Apr 14 02:42:24 PDT 2003

On 2003.04.13 08:10:23 -0400, robdefriesse at wrote:

> The port specified does not exist, or has an invalid name:
>     ports/sysutils/mkisofs/pkg-descr
> You are coming from
>     http://www%2efreebsd%2eorg/doc/en%5fUS%2eISO8859%2d1/books/handbook/creating%2dcds%2ehtml. 
> Please contact www at 

Thanks for the rapport.

The problems seems to be that the pkg-descr for mkisofs was removed when
pkg-comment was removed but I don't really see why... It seems like a

I have cc'ed ade since he was the one who removed pkg-descr..

Simon L. Nielsen
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