Tdma module

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Thu Mar 29 21:30:28 UTC 2012

On 29 March 2012 13:59,  <Marc.Mosko at> wrote:
> Hello,
> Is there any documentation available for the tdma module?  I'm primarily interested in how time sync works and how slots are assigned.
> I had implemented some tdma macs on an old madwifi on linux 3 years ago and I'd like to bring them into a current driver without having to hack it to death like before.


Google for Sam Leffler's TDMA paper.

Unfortunately I haven't had much time to test it out, so it's quite
possible that it's broken in 9 and further broken in 10. The specifics

* the beacon related timers changed between AR5212 and AR5416 (11n),
so all the TDMA assumptions that certain timers were in TU's were no
longer true;
* I've massively hacked on the TX data path to support 802.11n
aggregation. Although I know what is needed for TDMA, I've ignored it
for now and will continue to do so until I finish 802.11n aggregation.

I do plan on trying to bring up TDMA on -HEAD once I've finished the
11n TX aggregation work. I have a good idea of what his work is
supposed to be doing, so I'll just fix up the STA/AP TDMA
configuration first and ensure that the timers are setup correctly.
I'll then worry about frame TX.

I won't say no if you're interested in helping out :)


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