Please Test: Updated Ral Driver Patch for rt2860/rt3090

matt sendtomatt at
Wed Mar 14 18:20:24 UTC 2012

On 03/14/12 11:07, Aleksandr Rybalko wrote:
> On Tue, 13 Mar 2012 17:38:41 -0700
> matt<sendtomatt at>  wrote:
>> On 03/13/12 08:03, Adrian Chadd wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Matt - you said your RT driver worked fine with CCMP, but the
>>> zrouter one didn't? Did I get that right?
>>> Adrian
>>> .
>> Yes, but it sounded like Alexandr knew why?
> Not found yet :)
> Matt, can you please check it in different combination?
> Two possible cases:
> 1. Something different in net80211 crypto between HEAD and 8.X-RELEASE.
> 2. It is possible that driver works with crypto only in STA mode.
> Hope, it will help to find problem source.
>> Regarding crash,
>> I'm just now in sync on this machine with the src tree it has, so I
>> can rule out future kernel vs old-time userland issues.
>> Not sure whether that was the hw/sw ifdef, or something he said he
>> broke and was looking at.
> I add a couple of #ifndef RT2860_NO_HW_CRYPTO, so if
> RT2860_NO_HW_CRYPTO is defined, then used net80211 software crypto.
>> Alexandr-- Thanks for posting a repo&  adding commit bits.
> Welcome :)
>> We'll have a working ral soon for the folks that have those only,
>> which is the important part!
>> No wifi is no FreeBSD for a lot of prospective users, I'm sure.
> Yeah, agree with you.
>> Thanks!
>> Matt
I won't get to look at this until tomorrow, but I do remember having to 
make a few changes after the "panics on kldload" phase before it passed 
ccmp traffic in STA mode. I never tested hostap (or adhoc, or ahdemo, etc).

I feel like some of the callbacks weren't there and were issuing 
complaints, but I'm not sure I saw that in the recent edition.
Have you tested CCMP in STA mode? I can do that tomorrow as 
I said source was out of sync with world & kernel until yesterday.

If sta works for you then all bets are off, because I didn't test hostap.


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