Please Test: Updated Ral Driver Patch for rt2860/rt3090

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Tue Mar 13 03:55:08 UTC 2012

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> On 11 March 2012 14:10, Sevan / Venture37 <venture37 at> wrote:
>>> I'll post a new one in a bit. If you want to help, would you be ok with
>>> git as opposed to hg?
>> nope not at all but if its because of familiarity then in this scenario it
>> doesn't make much difference which is used, same work flow, change, commit,
>> push, pull, rinse, repeat. :)
> Hiya,
> Let's just strip the ^M's from the tree and as long as ray@ and
> pseudocyclon are a-ok with the work thus far, I'll commit it to -HEAD.
> We can then tidy things up from there.
> I just don't want to commit ^M's to the tree, or blatant style(9)
> violations. But we can always tidy things up incrementally once
> they're in the tree.

I've talked about ieee80211_send_bar() with matt, already.

Other than that,
* rt2860_raw_xmit() ignores ieee80211_bpf_params,
* wouldn't that be better to disable some interrupts that only
increment counters. i.e rt2860_gp_timer_intr()

Though, we can tidy up all of those later.

> The driver attaches but ifconfig wlan0 scan doesn't show any access
> points

All mgt frames are sent as wme class of 5, but probe_req frames should
be sent as WME_AC_BE. This might cause glitch in probing. Hence
nothing in scan result. (?)


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