patches for if_iwi and wlan for WEP mode

Adrian Chadd adrian at
Mon Mar 5 19:19:37 UTC 2012


(cc'ing freebsd-wireless, where we try to talk about this kind of stuff...)

On 5 March 2012 09:42, Mitsuru IWASAKI <iwasaki at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've fixed iwi(4) so that Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2915ABG work
> in WEP mode, which seems to be broken since 8.0-RELEASE.

Thanks for looking into this!

I've not looked into ath(4) and WEP (ever, to be honest) - I really
should. I wonder if it's similarly broken. But if it isn't, ath(4)
doesn't yet use if_transmit/if_flush. That's on my TODO list (in order
to fix fragment handling, rather than WEP.)

Would you please open a PR with this particular issue and then attach
the patch to it?

I'd rather you not commit the net80211 change until I've verified that
WEP works or doesn't work with ath(4).



> The patches against HEAD at:
> I'm not sure that changes on ieee80211 layer are right fixes,
> but all of mbufs were discarded in ieee80211_start() in WEP mode.
> ----
> void
> ieee80211_start(struct ifnet *ifp)
> {
> [snip]
>                        if (ni->ni_associd == 0 &&
>                            (ni->ni_flags & IEEE80211_NODE_ASSOCID)) {
>                                IEEE80211_DISCARD_MAC(vap, IEEE80211_MSG_OUTPUT,
>                                    eh->ether_dhost, NULL,
>                                    "sta not associated (type 0x%04x)",
>                                    htons(eh->ether_type));
>                                vap->iv_stats.is_tx_notassoc++;
>                                ifp->if_oerrors++;
>                                m_freem(m);
>                                ieee80211_free_node(ni);
>                                continue;
>                        }
> ----
> My patches set IEEE80211_NODE_ASSOCID bit only if ni->ni_associd
> is set.  Any suggestions on this part are welcome.
> I'm going to commit the changes coming weekend.
> Thanks!
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