iwn Centrino N-1030

Jeremy C. Reed reed at reedmedia.net
Wed Feb 1 14:25:06 UTC 2012

On Tue, 31 Jan 2012, Adrian Chadd wrote:

> try it with an open AP for now, see if it can exchange data fine?

Sorry I am new to wireless on FreeBSD. Still looking at the handbook, 
but I can't figure out how to get it associated with an open access 
point. (On a different laptop at same location, when I boot a different 
BSD it automatically connects to it with no wireless configuration.)

When I use ifconfig wlan0 scan it shows it. When I run wpa_supplicant 
and then wpa_cli and scan and then scan_results it shows it. I can use 
ifconfig to configure it, but it always says status: no carrier. (When I 
configure it to use my local access point with the nwkey then it is 
associated, but dhclient doesn't work.)

Any pointers to any docs on how to use ifconfig or other (non X11) tool 
to automatically scan and connect to a local AP?  (The handbook, as far 
as I see for this, discusses configuring rc.conf so doesn't show me the 
exact commands lines, and I don't want to yet read all through the rc.d 
scripts and network.subr.)

(By the way, the handbook shows "ifconfig wlan0 up scan" but that 
outputs nothing in the case where the interface needs to brought up 
first. Run it again and then it does output the results.)

> I'm not really going to be more helpful than that on the intel NICs I'm
> afraid :(

Any suggestions on a cheap USB wifi adapter to use? (Maybe there is a 
webpage with suggested hardware to use?)

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