Intel 6250 and WiMax

Bernhard Schmidt bschmidt at
Mon Apr 9 08:51:44 UTC 2012

On Monday 09 April 2012 10:26:04 Lev Serebryakov wrote:
> Hello, Adrian.
> You wrote 9 апреля 2012 г., 7:20:48:
> > I'm not sure.. Do we need a wimax stack with that?

We do. Linux has a stack in net/wimax and the driver for the
Intel devices is in drivers/net/wimax/i2400m

In other words, no, we currently do not support the WiMax stuff
of any of the Intel cards nor any other device afaik.

>  Here are driver for Samsung WiMax USB dongle, and it works as-is,
>  without any WiMax stack, as simple ethernet NIC. But, maybe, non-usb
>  devices are other story, I don't know.

Guess it depends on the device driver, it might contain its own


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