FreeBSD net80211s HWMP code

Monthadar Al Jaberi monthadar at
Fri Sep 16 10:22:42 UTC 2011


I am attaching my first update of the IEEE80211s HWMP code based on Draft 8.0.

It is not complete, some stuff works better, others are broken and
there are more things to todo.

So I would like it if some are interesting in testing the code.

For now only use ondemand routing and not proactive (HWMPROOTMODE=disabled).

Works better:
PERR frames: if an MP is removed PERR frames will make sure that all
neighbour mesh nodes tables will be updated correctly.
PREQ/PREP: had some errors in code and did not follow standard correct.

Things todo:
External address support (called Proxy in freebsd code, will change it
to reflect standard naming)
Lifetime of paths don't decrement (but because we have better PERR
frames its not a big problem for now)
And much more!!

Attaching a diff of the code.

In the hope it will be useful for someone.
//Monthadar Al Jaberi
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