LS-SR71 and FreeBSD

Adrian Chadd adrian at
Tue Sep 13 00:28:26 UTC 2011

On 13 September 2011 05:43, Kim Culhan <w8hdkim at> wrote:
> Greetings-
> I've been following your fine work on the ath wireless stuff for the last
> months, what a great job
> and thanks very muchly.
> When you wrote last week about  'acquiring some more LS-SR71 boards and
> AR9160 NICs'
> I thought about getting a couple LS-SR71's and some version ath NICs to
> run with it.
> I'm interested in playing with mesh and TDMA and 5 GHz, could you recommend
> a NIC
> to try or tell me which you would like to see used for testing?
> Any recommendation on a source for the hardware?

Hi, I don't have any recommendations for hardware sources I'm afraid.
I mostly use a local distributor and ebay :)

Yin reported having the basic TDMA stuff working between two stations
but he ran out of time before he could fully verify everything is
working as per Sam's TDMA paper from a few years ago. So, if you're
willing to help debug the two-station TDMA mode (which I'd like
re-verified and debugged, far before we try enabling 11n in TDMA mode,
or even >2 stations in TDMA mode) then I'd suggest grabbing any
supported 11n NIC. The SR-71 NIC and SR71-5 NICs will work. (The
AR9220 NICs in 2ghz mode, like the SR71-2 NICs, do work but not when
AH_DEBUG is enabled.)

There are other vendors, such as unex and compex, they sell atheros
71xx series hardware with AR9220/AR9160 series NICs. You can also grab
the AR724x series minipcie hardware with AR9280 series NICs too.

But please, keep in mind that TDMA likely requires a bit of attention
to get it into shape. :)


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