ath 802.11n ampdutx progress ??

Adrian Chadd adrian at
Mon Sep 5 23:45:24 UTC 2011

.. since you're using the AR5416, I'll add in the missing bits.

So the platform limitations I'm aware of are:

* There's a TX bug somewhere which requires a chip reset when it
occurs. I'll port that over today.
* RTS protected aggregate frames are limited to 8k in size. Since I'm
not (yet) doing RTS or CTS protected HT frames, this isn't a big deal
for you. I'll see about trying to get the specific work around that
improves performance when RTS is enabled.

Since I'd like to investigate supporting MIMO power save (does
anything _DO_ MIMO power save these days? I have no idea), and MIMO-PS
requires functional 11n RTS frame protection, I'd like to make sure
the RTS protected 11n aggregates are properly handled on the AR5416.



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