Uanble to enable 802.11g chanels above 11 despite of theREGDOMAIN set

Andres Beek andres.beek at
Sat Nov 26 20:32:25 UTC 2011

Thank you Adrian for a advise. I will surely do what you asked me when I reach the computer we are talking about. Just wanted to add, that the NIC works very well under other OS's like MSWindows (several) and OpenBSD on the channel 13. For me it means, that it should be capable to work on channel 13 under FreeBSD too. Or not?

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Pealkiri: Re: Uanble to enable 802.11g chanels above 11 despite of theREGDOMAIN set

> Just for you (and others) reference, just because you're
> overriding
> the regulatory domain with a specific value doesn't mean the
> NIC has
> all the calibration data you need for operation on those
> channels.
> For example, just because you can configure a NIC to be in the
> japan
> country code, doesn't instantly give you access to the two
> 4.9ghz
> channels. :-)
> There's more involved then just overriding the regulatory
> domain.
> Hence, if it's an AR5416 or later, we can easily inspect the
> calibration/channel edge values and see what the NIC is
> configured
> for. It's possible your NIC has channel edges which exclude >
> channel
> 11. At which point you won't be able to use those frequencies
> without
> (further) breaking all kinds of potential legal issues.
> Thanks,
> Adrian reklaam---
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