[PATCH] ath: enforce beacon expect when going CAC -> RUN

Adrian Chadd adrian at freebsd.org
Tue Jun 28 02:55:40 UTC 2011


Here's an initial patch for ath(4) to work around one of the DFS / CAC
issues in my previous post.

It enforces a 60 (+ 1) second "beacon expect" timer when the station
goes from CSA -> RUN.
This forces the beacon configuration to be re-written if a beacon
hasn't been heard by then.

If a beacon is received, it clears the callback.

What I don't like about it:

* CAC is hard-coded to 60 seconds here. It should yank the config from
net80211, but the net80211 NOL/CAC configuration values are static.
* 'stamode' doesn't include MBSS (mesh) and needs some testing. I'll
likely add a comment to that effect so it gets revisited when
IBSS/MBSS DFS support is written/tested.
* I think this belongs in net80211 rather than ath(4) so it can work
for any wireless NIC which participates in a DFS BSS. (The NIC doesn't
have to radar detection, it just has to receive/process a CSA and
change channel.) I'll revisit that at a later date once all the kinks
are worked out with ath(4).


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