Ralink RT3090/RT2860

Adrian Chadd adrian at freebsd.org
Tue Jun 7 01:26:14 UTC 2011

On 7 June 2011 08:53, Matt <sendtomatt at gmail.com> wrote:

> Well, in anycase here is the patch I made for Ral. If no one wants to work
> on trying to port OpenBSD ral, I can try, but I am still learning very much!
> http://pastebin.com/GeAGVjtR

That's great work!

> Please add manually rt2860.c to Makefile @ /usr/src/sys/modules/ral/Makefile
> Note about patch, it's still alpha quality in that it has a known bug (do
> not kldunload while interface is running!) and it is largely untested.
> Changes include softc, pci code & all functions put in monolithic file (to
> help compare against OpenBSD ral, mainly). They are in the wrong order for
> now, however. Ultimate plan was to compare side-by-side with OpenBSD ral to
> assist porting.
> There is still an "ecosystem" of includes per rt2860 original, didn't get
> around to combining them.

Well, I'm all for throwing this in if Matt's up for helping debug and
look after it in the meantime.

I gather the long-term goal is to update to the OpenBSD driver but
this seems like a good middle-step, no?


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