ieee80211_process_callback() use in drivers

PseudoCylon moonlightakkiy at
Thu Aug 18 02:22:58 UTC 2011

On Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 1:33 AM, Adrian Chadd <adrian at> wrote:
> On 17 August 2011 14:40, PseudoCylon <moonlightakkiy at> wrote:
>> I tried this while ago.
>> The patch should still work today.
> Hm, I fixed the status check in the BAR TX routines.
> Is that enough? Or are you saying that the node ref is freed somewhere
> inside ic_raw_xmit() on a TX failure?

Sorry, I found the commit after replied.

But, drivers call ieee80211_free_node() in ic_raw_xmit() on failure.


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