Bad host-vased AP performace -- and qouple of questions about FreeBSD WiFi stack tuning

Lev Serebryakov lev at
Mon Aug 8 18:21:11 UTC 2011

Hello, Adrian.
You wrote 8 августа 2011 г., 22:11:03:

> Can you verify when "bad" and "good" performance occured? Can you
> narrow it down to FreeBSD versions in particular?
   I'm afraid, that will be difficult. I could try 8.2-RELEASE and
 even 8.0-RELEASE (but I'll need to build NanoBSD images for them).
 I'm sure, that 7-STABLE gives me 3.2MiB/s regularly, but noteboks
 were changed from these times. I'll try to build 7-STABLE NanoBSD
 image, but it will need some more effort, as config files changes from
 these times :)

> 2) not sure, it's late and I'm not knee-deep in the beacon frame
> format. But I bet it's ok?
  It is "not accurate enough" :) Many APs, seen in my apartments,
  announce all speeds up to 54Mb :) But, of course, It is practically Ok till
  clients can connect on higher speeds.

> 3) txpower is in dBm units, based on what the card is supposed to be
> putting out of the antenna socket, before antennas
  Ok, so 30 means 1:1 (according to dBm definition) and means "full

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