Ath works as module, not inkernel

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Mon Aug 1 02:05:14 UTC 2011

Hi -wireless,

A while ago I posted with some issues with ath on 9.0-CURRENT, which were
fixed by a patch someone posted to the list.

A few weeks later, ath broke again and neither a vanilla kernel nor one with
the patch worked, complaining of errors attaching HAL. Googling the terms
turned up only results from 2008.

I didn't have time to look into it so I ignored it, figuring that it would be
fixed in due course and that I'd pull when I had time.

Over the weekend I spent some time on the problem, and it appeared that
building ath support into the kernel was the issue, my config with

> device ath
> device ath_pci
> device ath_hal

(Apologies if that's not spelled correctly, I'm not actually in front of the

Doesn't load, however if I removed MODULES_OVERRIDE from make.conf and try to
load those modules, I'm told that it's already in the kernel.

I also built GENERIC from the config in SVN and no luck.

Finally, I removed those device lines from my config, built with all modules
and enabled load_ath and load_ath_pci in loader.conf and wireless now works

I'm now curious about why- and what I can do to know how to chase this up
myself next time.



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