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Tom Rhodes trhodes at
Tue Aug 17 11:06:14 PDT 2004

On Tue, 17 Aug 2004 12:58:47 -0500
"Jacques A. Vidrine" <nectar at> wrote:

> [Moving to freebsd-vuxml ... oh how I wish Bcc worked so that people on
>  the other list knew where this went :-) ]

NOTE:  I am not subscribed to this list yet!  I'm working on that
right now!

> On Tue, Aug 17, 2004 at 07:46:16PM +0200, Oliver Eikemeier wrote:
> > When you can live with the dummy text produced by my perl script
> > ("Please contact the FreeBSD Security Team for more information.") and
> > we can make the `discovered' entry optional, fine with me. I can write
> > a `make entry' perl script that parses a form an generates a template
> > entry, send-pr like.
> FWIW, this sounds fine by me, except about the <discovered> part.
> I see your point about it though... it may be dangerous to have a
> bogus value (like the date of entry), because it may not get corrected
> later.  But I don't want it optional, so that it is not forgotten.
> Perhaps we need the possiblity of marking something explicitly
> <unspecified> for such occassions ...
> In the mean time, could the date of entry be used?  And perhaps a
> comment could be a workaround for now, something like
>    <discovered>2004-08-17</discovered> <!-- XXX please correct --->
> Ugly, I know, but the current format wasn't made for
> works-in-progress.  Maybe we can make some options for that...

How about N/A or "Unknown"?  That shows that it needs corrected
and that there is no problem.

> > >In place of arguing, start forging some code to check the base
> > >system against the security listings in vuln.xml.
> >
> > portaudit could easily do that. The only thing useful here would be to
> > use __FreeBSD_versions, so we can check -STABLE and -CURRENT too. Or can
> > I map the version numbers somehow? I added __FreeBSD_versions in the
> > last entry (multiple CVS vulnerabilities), but they are commented out
> > since I don't know what the right syntax is.
> By way of example, I've been using FreeBSD 4.7-RELEASE-p1 == 4.7_1.  I'm
> not entirely satisfied and I am open to suggestions.  This part has been
> ill-specified. :-(

Why not ident(1) on the specific files?  A quick sh script could
do this using variables parsed from VuXML entries.

Tom Rhodes

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