Simpler Vimage sysctls

Julian Elischer julian at
Sat Jul 12 07:53:33 UTC 2008

James Gritton wrote:
> While working on combining jail_set and Vimage, I found that the sysctl 
> virtualization hacks were more complicated than they needed to be.
> The extra "subs" and "mod" arguments in SYSCTL_HANDLER_V_ARGS don't need 
> to be explicitly passed because they're members of the sysctl_v_oid 
> structure passed in the oidp argument.  By using oidp->oid_v_subs 
> instead of subs (and same for mod), SYSCTL_HANDLER_V_ARGS becomes the 
> same as SYSCTL_HANDLER_ARGS, and no longer need to be defined.
> With the handlers now taking the same arguments, the sysctl_oid and 
> sysctl_v_oid structures become identical and sysctl_v_oid can go away.

looking at this I see what you are saying, and it looks odd that
there is a
         short           oid_v_subs;
         short           oid_v_mod;

even in the non VIMAGE case.. and in the non vimage struct.

I do wonder if Marko started moving towards this already and got 
stopped for some reason.


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