Howto setup virtualisation

michael dürr duerrm at
Tue Dec 9 06:07:43 PST 2008

Hallo list,

I recently discovered the IMUNES toolkit and found me more than fascinated
by its functionallity.

Now I'd love to deploy the most recent version of vimage. I already came
accross Marko's website ( As I don't want
to use the VMware images, but install everything native, I set up a FreeBSD
7.0 system and tried to compile against the provided snapshots.

As you can imagine, my build failed :-( . Although I'm not that familiar
with FreeBSD, I tried hard to compile the snapshots (as well as the provided
patch) against different tags... Without success.

My question:

Can you tell me a release/tag which I can download from the src tree which
comliles and for which I can use the GUI tools? Or is there any other simple
solution to get all this running?

Thank you!


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