Information on starting a BSD User Group

Glen Barber glen.j.barber at
Wed May 21 17:14:29 UTC 2008

Wow.  I wasn't expecting this many replies this quickly.

> I was going to point out MetaBug. . . particularly since they seem pretty
> close in distance from you. . .


> To clarify, "MetaBUG is everywhere".  The MetaBUG is a group of BUGs
> worldwide collaborating for events, information, etc.  In the Maryland area,
> we have the Capital Area BSD Users Group (  We meet in
> Columbia, MD, which may be too far of a trek for you.

I have actually come across both MetaBUG and CapBUG, shortly after sending
my original email.

>> I'd also recommend starting up a mailing list, getting the word out to the
>> various BSD lists related to BUGs in a broad way, and then seeing what you
>> have.  We are more than willing to host the list if you hit me offline.
I've got a list server running on my site, so a ML won't be a problem.
However, won't some people see broadcasting a BUG via ML as spamming?  (I
don't want to get banned from any lists.)


Glen Barber

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