Information on starting a BSD User Group

George Rosamond george at
Wed May 21 13:55:39 UTC 2008

Darrin Chandler wrote:
> On Tue, May 20, 2008 at 11:07:44PM -0400, Glen Barber wrote:
>> I am working with a few others to coordinate a BSD User Group near the
>> Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, hopefully including northeast Maryland,
>> Delaware, and New Jersey.  Although I won't be relocating to the area for
>> approximately a month or so, I was hoping to get information, or a push in
>> the right direction, to what some BUGs have done to attract attention, gain
>> members, etc.
>> I have already searched for some LUGs in the area mentioned above, and
>> unfortunately have only found one, which was rather discouraging.  Any
>> information would be greatly appreciated.
> Good for you!
> You've found a LUG. See if you can find local groups for SAGE or LOPSA,
> find the local Universities, community colleges, and tech schools, too.
> Distribute announcements to mailing lists for the LUG and any tech
> groups in the schools, etc. Just think of anywhere there might be
> interest in BSD and get the word out.
> For our group, I've found attendance ties closely with the presentation.
> If there's a good presentation then people come. Write up a good
> description and get it out on mailing lists and on your web site as soon
> as you can.
> Some of the people doing BSD User Groups have gotten together at
> so feel free to join us. We hang out online on
> freenode in #metabug. Feel free to drop in and ask questions.

I was going to point out MetaBug. . . particularly since they seem 
pretty close in distance from you. . .

It's Jason Dixon and crew in the capitol region. (jd's cc'd).

We are up the line in NYC ( and are focused on NYCBSDCon 
(.org) for October.

I'd also recommend starting up a mailing list, getting the word out to 
the various BSD lists related to BUGs in a broad way, and then seeing 
what you have.  We are more than willing to host the list if you hit me 


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