Fwd: Serious breach of copyright -- First post

Dennis Olvany dennisolvany at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 12:00:34 UTC 2006

>> facts are not eligible for copyright.

> plain facts are not copyrightable, as you point out, their expression
> certainly is.

The concept of a fact obviously may not be copyrighted because it is 
merely a concept. Barring descriptive literary devices, the facts may be 
copied at will in their expressed form. A photo, being a descriptive 
device, is copyrightable. Considering the example of the Haynes manual, 
I can extract factual information --such as a starter change procedure-- 
from the manual word-for-word and use it. The hysteria of the original 
poster remains unjustified as he will find that the usage of the article 
in question falls squarely under the veil of fair use, which still does 
not infer the work is copyrightable.

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