usb serial port device naming

Charles Sprickman spork at
Tue May 17 07:26:43 UTC 2011


I recently started moving our console server from one box (4.11) to 
another (8.1).  The old box had some RocketPort PCI cards and a 16 port 
USB to serial adapter.  I moved the USB to serial device to the 8.1 box 
and added another 8 port USB to serial adapter.

I moved the 16 port box without a reboot, and then added the 8 port box. 
I started setting up conserver (console server software) with the new 
device names, and then decided perhaps a reboot to verify the device names 
"stuck" across reboots was in order.  Sure enough, on reboot the 8 port 
device preceded the 16 port - meaning my /dev/ttyU0 moved from being the 
first port on the 16 port box to being the first port on the 8 port box.

Is there anything I can do to "lock" these port assignments?  I suspect 
that on a reboot the order will stay the same, but if someone flips the 
ports around or unplugs either of these while the box is up all my console 
mappings will get scrambled.



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