Off-Topic: question about usb-hub power

Uffe Jakobsen uffe at
Thu Jul 21 12:04:24 UTC 2011


Apologies if this is a kind of off-topic for this list - since it does 
not have anything to do with FreeBSD.

The external USB-hubs (v2.0) that I've come across comes in two categories:

Some are willing to deliver power (500mA pr. connector) even if the hub 
isn't connected to a computer - and some that doesn't do this - the hubs 
that I have purchased from Dlink falls into the last category.

I looking for an USB hub that is willing to deliver power without it 
beeing connected to a computer in order to drive some external units - 
no it is not a mobile-phone ;-)

Could anyone give me a hint what specs to look for ? - before I actually 
buy another hub - the Dlink ones were not a success...

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards Uffe Jakobsen

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