USB2 patches

Andrew Thompson thompsa at
Sat Jan 31 15:39:50 PST 2009


I have several patches in my svn user branch that I would like to see
committed to HEAD. Some of these change the usb2 core code so I am
interested in feedback or shootdowns. I am right behind the change to
USB2 and this is an effort to help. 

The patch can be found here,
 73 files changed, 9229 insertions(+), 13261 deletions(-)

but its rather large so it may be easier to look at the various changes
via the svn web interface.


  Change over to using taskqueue(9) instead of hand rolled threads and
  the config_td system. This removes the config_td code and makes the
  API much simpler to use.

r187751, r187752, r187753, r187754, r187755, r187756

  Change over to usb2_proc w/ taskqueues for the usb2/ethernet,
  usb2/serial and usb2/wlan code.


  Move most of the ifnet logic into the usb2_ethernet module, this includes,
   - make all usb ethernet interfaces named ue%d
   - handle all threading in usb2_ethernet
   - provide default ioctl handler
   - handle mbuf rx
   - provide locked callbacks for init,start,stop,etc

  The drivers are not much more than data pushers now.


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